When Should I Begin Planning My Hunt?

Future hunters should begin planning a minimum of 1.5 years in advance. The State of Montana has implemented a preference point system which allows hunters to acquire one point during July and August and another [...]

What gratuity should I pay my guide?

The industry standard is a minimum 15% based on service provided. Obviously base your gratuity upon your satisfaction with your guide. It is customary to tip the Chef and support staff as well (min. $200.00 per client).

What is an average shot distance?

At Stockton Outfitters, LLC, our guides consider it their job to get the hunter within 150-300 yards with a rifle and within 40 yards with a bow. Of course from time to time the game [...]

What about scent blockers, elk urine, etc.?

Scent is the primary defense of most North American game animals. We have seen everything from scent wafers to carbon sprays to hunters bathing in elk urine. The simple truth of the matter is that [...]

What yardage should I practice with my Bow?

Modern bow equipment is amazing in its capabilities; however, we never recommend a shot over forty yards at an elk, deer or bear. It is important to be accurate with your archery equipment from 10 [...]

What equipment should I bring?

Street Socks 400 sq. in. blaze orange Wool Socks Down Vest Wool or Fleece Pants—2 Pair Cap Wool or Fleece Shirts Camera & Film Long Underwear Fire (lighter, matches) Gloves Knife Mittens [...]

What size rifle is best?

It is not the firearm, but bullet placement which matters. Shoot what you are comfortable shooting, and most accurate with.  Some popular modern firearms including the 6.5 Creedmoor, etc. are considered to be too small for [...]

What effect will the elevation have on me?

We hunt from 6,000 ft to just under 9,000 ft in elevation on any given day of the hunt. The increase in elevation from where you live will have a dramatic first day effect. Expect [...]

What about draw poundage for my bow?

Different hunters possess different strengths. Shoot the poundage that you are accustomed and practice. Some he-men join us drawing 80 lbs while we have women and youngsters drawing 40. It is not the poundage, but [...]

What grain broad head?

We recommend a minimum 100 grain fixed broad head. Of course with new archery technology, kenetic energy is the driving factor when selecting a broad head. Visit your local archery equipment dealer and set up [...]

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