Street Socks
400 sq. in. blaze orange
Wool Socks
Down Vest
Wool or Fleece Pants—2 Pair
Wool or Fleece Shirts
Camera & Film

Long Underwear
Fire (lighter, matches)
Extra Boots

Sleeping bag (Archery Only)
Rifle or Bow
Air Mattress or pad (Archery Only)
Fanny or Back Pack
2 x Flashlights
Compass or GPS
Range finder

Bow hunters . . . Bring an extra string, target arrows, and extra, tab or release, plus a copy of an old bow and arrow stamp.

Noise is a major factor with outer clothing. Wool or fleece is the best fabric that we have found to wear hunting. It’s as waterproof as anything that you’ll find and quiet. Do not wear Velcro or Gor-tex as the noise it makes is not natural. It puts all the game in the area on alert.

For the best gear recommended for your specific hunt check out our Outfitter Gear List: CLICK HERE