Meet Our Guides.

Stockton Outfitters’ team of professional guides is ranked nationally and renowned for their ability to aid hunters in attaining their dreams. Stockton Oufitters has been featured nationally on the Outdoor Channel, Versus Network and Sportsman’s Channel. Stockton Outfitters has also been highlighted in the pages of a multitude of hunting publications to include North American Hunter, Outdoor Life, Predator Extreme, Cabela’s Outfitter Journal, Peterson’s Bow Hunting, Bow Hunting World; etc.

Whether hunting bear, elk, or mule deer you can rest assured that your hunt or back country excursion is in the hands of true professionals whose sole purpose is to assist individuals in the pursuit of not just game, but what it takes in mind, body, and spirit to call yourselves true HUNTERS.

Mark Shutey
Mark Shutey Owner
MT Guide License #8921
Mark is the head guide and manager of Stockton Outfitters, LLC. He is a native to the area and has been guiding professionally for in excess of ten years. Mark is also the majority shareholder of the parent company, Mountain Memories Properties, Inc. Mark’s hunting style is extremely aggressive and focused on results. Whether hunting bear, elk or deer with Mark, you can expect to be put to the test in the pursuit of your trophy. He uses a variety of techniques and his knowledge of the country and the game is unsurpassed, but his persistence and willingness to go the extra mile combine to bring vast opportunities to his hunters.
Kirk Skippy Sims
Kirk Skippy SimsMT Guide License #17580
Skippy is a native Montanan whose passion for all things outdoors shines through his smile. As a former collegiate athlete and coach, Skippy applies a sense of calm and control toward each trip. His ability to instruct combines with sheer will and determination to make each client’s hunt educational, as well as, successful.
Vaughn Esper
Vaughn EsperMT Outfitters License # 6808
Vaughn has spent a lifetime guiding and outfitting hunters and fishermen throughout the world. A native of Oklahoma, he has owned and operated outfitting businesses in Canada and Montana. Vaughn worked with ESPN sports and was involved in the production of sporting shows for the network. He is the Owner/Broker of Western Skies Land Company. His knowledge of big game hunting is global and his professionalism is second to none.
207 W. Main St., Suite 5
Lewistown, MT 59457
Contact: 406 529-1121
Douglas Joppa
Douglas JoppaMT Guide License # 16492
Doug is a native to Southwestern Montana and has been hunting this country since his youth. Doug is an avid rifle hunter, but archery hunting is where his true passion lies. He prefers an aggressive style, in your face approach that offers many harvest opportunites. Hunting provides Doug with a means to a more primitive and simple style of living. Doug’s passion shines through in everything he does. Success when hunting is key and he applies himself to each hunters success, but believes that hunting is a learning process. The lessons learned sometimes are more memorable than the kill itself.
Jeff Tart
Jeff TartMontana Guide License #29820
Jeff grew up in the mountains of northeast Georgia and joined the Army at 17. After 10 years in the service, he moved back to Georgia and started guiding fisherman on the weekends to make extra money. A part-time job turned into a full-time passion. That was 20 years ago and the guide trail has led from Georgia to Alaska to Argentina with a few stops in between. Jeff & his family now reside in Dillon, Montana. Jeff is a backpack hunter that loves the high country and believes in hunting hard and smart. His pursuits have included various big game species but bears remain my favorite. A hunt with Jeff combines his years of experience with an unparalleled work ethic and passion.
Kraig Walsh
Kraig Walsh MT Guides License #23506
Kraig’s hunting career began at the early age of 3 years old. According to his mother, Kraig snuck up on a bird in the family’s yard and hit it with a stick. The Bird was DOA. Kraig has spent a lifetime pursuing larger conquests like elk, mule deer, antelope and bear in Oregon, Idaho, Alaska and now Montana. Kraig is an accomplished hunter who gets as big a thrill assisting his clients to attain their harvest goals as he does to harvest an animal himself. A hunt with Kraig combines his vast hunting experience with a background of care giving and instruction.
Matt Rowe
Matt Rowe Montana Guide License #10673
Matt is a native of Western Montana and has guided professionally for over 10 years. Before joining Stockton Outfitters (2007), Matt spent time as packer/skinner and apprentice guide in Alaska. His passion for hunting started at youth under the guidance of his grandfather, father, and uncles; however, over the years Matt has become a true professional. As a guide, he has been featured in several national hunting shows. Simply put, Matt produces results for his clients. He is an accomplished archer (modern and traditional) and applies a vast range of hunting/calling knowledge to make each hunt successful.
Greg Miller
Greg MillerMontana Guide License #34158
Greg is a native of Ohio, but moved to Montana to follow his heart over 16 years ago. As a youth, Greg spent his days consumed by everything outdoors with hunting being his true passion. Greg and his family live off grid enduring many challenges that modern life has forgotten. His spirit is one with nature and the heavens. Greg is methodical in the mountains and is extremely astute in the study of topographical mapping. He applies these skills to ever improve his knowledge of the country and terrain in which he hunts. Greg is patient, knowledgeable, and persistent and applies these skills to create vast opportunities for his hunters.
Kole Kankleborg
Kole KankleborgCamp Chef - Le Cordon Bleu
Kole is a native of South Western Montana, but like so many others he was forced to leave the area to pursue his culinary dreams. Kole attended Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts Las Vegas and spent most of his adult life working up and down the Vegas strip in the finest of high-end restaurants. After returning home to Montana, Kole joined the professional team of Stockton Outfitters as our camp chef. The meals which he prepares provide the foundation of each hunt. They are all carefully balanced to provide each hunter with the nutritional elements required to maintain energy and stamina throughout a week of hunting. Kole’s advanced culinary knowledge turns an often simple meal into a true sensory experience.

The name Stockton Outfitters has become the industry standard for excellence in the field of hunting.

Our Mission, is to forge your Hunt into the Memory of a Lifetime. 

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