Mule Deer Hunting

You find yourself on your hands and knees, creeping between buck brush through space seeming fit for only a rabbit. Eventually you reach an opening and you stand to stretch. A blanket of snow covers the ground. You peer outward to see an entire mountainside covered with mahogany and begin to glass the hill side when a glimmer of light catches your eye.

You direct your glass to find a glistening piece of antler protruding from the brush. A very deliberate and careful stalk begins against one of the most cagey animals in North America.

A Mule Deer Buck is among the most sought after and acclaimed game animals in North America. To gain their prominent racks, the large Muley bucks of Southwestern Montana have survived years of predator evasion and gained the wisdom to out smart, out think and out maneuver many an ardent hunter. The one time these magnificent trophies tend to let down their guard, coincides with our general rifle hunting season. The mule deer rut typically begins during the week of November 10 and lasts throughout the season. Both Mule Deer and Whitetail generally inhabit the same range as our elk, so the odds of collecting a trophy are very good.

Stockton Outfitters can arrange the deer hunt of a lifetime for either mule or whitetail bucks. We highly recommend our combination hunt to incorporate deer hunting along with your elk hunt. A good buck with Stockton Outfitters will run 24”-30”. We do have some Grand Dads that may exceed 30”+, but they must be hunted hard.

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Trip Details and Information 

  • Location:

    Region-3/HD 319, 331, 332

  • Trip Duration:

    5 days/5 nights

  • Departs from:

    Butte, MT

  • Accommodations:


  • Season:

    Oct 27-Nov 26

  • Availability:

    Available 2019

  • Camps:

    Sugar Loaf Lodge

  • Species:

    Elk & Mule Deer

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Client Testimonials

I am 64 years old and am proud of myself for doing the miles I did on foot. My guide was a hearty soul and I did my best to keep up. I truly enjoyed the experience as a whole. The food was a major plus as I’m an unhinged “chow hound” and the accommodations were great. My #1 goal was to harvest a mule deer buck. I was presented multiple opportunities and accomplished my goal.
Fred Schlitche Jr., Oakland Park, FL
GREAT HUNT, I loved everything. I am very happy with my buck and loved the thrill of seeing that big bull up close. I just wish my guide could have put the crosshairs on him for me. LOL Don’t change a thing.
Johnny Widener - Johnson City, TN
My son Austin and I joined Stockton Outfitters, LLC in 2005. I set my sights for a big mule deer buck and my guide delivered. My hunt was a great success.The people, scenery, and guide were by far the best I have ever experienced in my eight trips throughout the west. I loved hunting Montana with Stockton Outfitters, LLC.
Tim McCarty - New Windsor, NY
Just a note to say thank you for our recent hunt. Of the four hunts we have done with Stockton Outfitters, this past one was the most enjoyable. just the right amount of still hunting, glassing, stalking. We’ll see you next year!!
Rocky Seale - Montgomery, TX
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