Rifle Elk Hunts

It’s been a long grueling hike to get back into the timbered ridge where you spotted that trophy bull. You’ve seen the elk’s bed in the meadow and you know that’s where he laid up to chew his cud. About now, with the first bit of sunlight starting to stream through the trees, you know he’s made his way back into the heavy timber somewhere near a third the way from the top of the ridge. And you know he’ll have found a bump of some sort to bed down, watching his back trail.

The ultimate game of chess has commenced in the dark timber on the bull’s home court.

Our base camp is nestled in the heart of the elk’s wintering range, and let’s us get close to our quarry by 4 WD and two feet. Our Rifle hunts are conducted from the warmth and comfort of the lodge, as the heavy snows in the high country move the elk down to lower ground. Our lodge-based hunts combine the mobility and the flexibility to hunt the entirety of our 187+ square miles permit area.

Over the past 40+ years, Stockton Outfitters’ guides have led hunters to scores of record elk in the Big Hole Valley. The Bull quality and genetics in our area has remained consistent and our Rifle Elk Success Rate averages 30%. Our herds maintain a 30% Bull to cow ratio, which is among the highest in the Country.

Combination Elk/Deer licenses are available through the State of Montana. Both mule deer and white tails range the same areas as our elk so opportunity to take a second trophy is high as well. Stockton Outfitters charges NO TROPHY FEES and allows hunters to submit for Elk-B (cow) and Deer-b (doe) licenses at no additional charge.

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Trip Details and Information 

  • Location:

    Region-3/HD 319, 331, 332

  • Trip Duration:

    5 days/5 nights

  • Departs from:

    Butte, MT

  • Accommodations:


  • Season:

    Oct 27-Nov 22

  • Availability:

    Available 2019

  • Camps:

    Sugar Loaf Lodge

  • Species:

    Elk & Mule Deer

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Client Testimonials

My guide was OUTSTANDING!! It was impressive seeing him track down that bull. My hunt with Stockton Outfitters this fall gave me a wildy different idea about hunting elk in general. Keep up the the Great Work!!!!
Glen Weaver - Omaha, NE
Dylan and I had a great time. The location was great. The food was great and the accommodations were more than I expected. I really wanted to see my son kill an Elk. He had multiple opportunities and did just that. Our guide could not have done anything else to make the trip anymore enjoyable, except perhaps, carry me on his back when my legs got tired. Hope to see you next year!
Chad Henkins- Waynesburg, PA
I just wanted to thank you personally for an outstanding guided hunt. Kevin and I enjoyed ourselves immensly. Just coming to Montana and hunting with you as our guide made the trip; getting an elk was like a bonus. Thanks again.
Ronald Saurer - Greenfield, WI
Our hunt in Montana was one of the best times of my life. My goal for this hunt was for my son to get a shot at a nice bull and to enjoy sometime together. Anytime you get away from work and spend time with family, see a different part of this beautiful country of ours and make new friends, it’s a success. Brandon’s bull was icing on the cake.
Lee Goodemote- Transfer, PA
Mark, thanks for an EXCELLENT hunting experience! You truly tested my abilities; and when it came down to it, you delivered…. I remember walking up the mountain with you thinking the terrain was too thick, and snow too squeaky-loud under our boots to get within reasonable range of my trophy for a shot, after we watched 3 cows walk off. I recall telling you this, and your response “you sell real estate, and I’ll get you your Elk.” It was only about 15 minutes later that you called in the 5×5 Bull I was after. What an awesome hunt, and experience!!! I doubt you will ever forget the excitement in my voice. Thanks for the memories!
Brandon Cropsey - Sturgis, MI
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Stockton Outfitters FAQ Page
Stockton Outfitters FAQ Page