Spring Black Bear Hunts

You and your guide have checked the wind and made the voyage to an open meadow with deep green grass surrounded by thick timber. Your guide tells you that they have spotted several bear in the area and positions you behind some brush instructing you to keep an eye on a near by spring. Your guide then let’s out a blood curdling scream which emulates a calf elk in distress. The call itself sends shivers through your body as you look back. Your head turns again toward the spring and as if appearing from nowhere a large cinnamon bear is heading straight in your direction. He is on the hunt with his jaws popping as you raise your rifle.

Ranked by North American Hunter magazine  as one of the world’s top ten Black Bear Outfitters, a Stockton Outfitters’ Spring Bear Hunt is truly spine tingling. Our bear hunts are all free chase. No Dogs or bait are used. We combine spot and stalk techniques with our world renowned calling system to attain extremely high success rates. The colors range from blond to cinnamon to deep black and most square 6+ feet as only mature boars are attracted to our specialized calling system. We offer archery, rifle, black powder, and pistol opportunities. The pelts are prime and so is the hunting.

Spring Bear Hunting is a good time to relax and enjoy everything that Montana’s high country has to offer. It is a great time to bring along your family to fish, hike, rock hunt, etc. Don’t forget to bring along your camera.

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Trip Details and Information 

  • Location:

    BMU 316

  • Trip Duration:

    5 days/5 nights

  • Departs from:

    Butte, MT

  • Accommodations:


  • Season:

    April 15-June 15

  • Availability:

    Available 2020

  • Camps:

    Sugar Loaf Lodge

  • Species:

    Black Bear 

Spring Black Bear Hunting
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Client Testimonials

As first time bear hunters, this was a blast!! Dad and I loved the hunting locations and cabins proximity to hunting. Food was as good as any 5 star restaurant in the “City”. We were hoping to harvest a couple of black bears. Not only did we do that, but we discovered a new favorite hunt & outfitter.
Brett McDonald - Phillips, NE
Hell Yes!! I enjoyed myself and loved the location, accommodations and food. My goal for this trip was to relax, reduce stress, take in some scenery, and hopefully kill a bear. Because of Mark, I accomplished all. He is a good, honest guy.
Mike Noblin - Odessa, FL
I wanted to take a minute and thank you again for a great hunt. I enjoyed the experience and my time with you and Doug. I’m going to add bear hunting to my list of things to do again. The family was disappointed that I didn’t bring that bear home, but that’s on me. You guys did everything you could to put me on a bear and I really appreciate it.
Brad Slocum, Denver, CO
We hunted and hunted hard. I like that. I saw things I have never seen before, and met some wonderful people. Although I did not kill a bear, when I got back home to the every day grind I can’t stop putting myself on top of Big Grassy with my brother and guide. It doesn’t get any bigger or better than that. Sure I missed. Call it a learning experience I hope to redeem, but I will be back.
Mike Leach - Philpot, KY
I wanted to thank you for taking me to be hunted by my bear. It was my most memorable hunting experience ever. I can still see that big head loping at us through the sagebrush. What a rush! I didn’t realize until after I shot, just how close he was to us. A big bear fills all your scope at 50 yards! Thanks again Mark. I’ve lived in Montana all my life and hunted a lot in my life but I know, nothing will top this.
Rick Miller - Power, MT
It really took me a while to fully appreciate what a trophy I have. Being totally new to bear hunting I just couldn’t fathom what a monster he is, and that beautiful black fur is great. I was in the local Cabela’s here in KC and my bear is bigger than all, but one of the Grizzlies they have on display!! I fully intend to enter my bear in the SCI, B&C and Montana Record Books. My hunt with Stockton Outfitters was truly the success story of a lifetime. I’m hooked and will be back!!!
Jim Walter - Shawnee Mission, KS
In my business I have the opportunity to hunt all around the world. In my opinion Stockton Outfitters, LLC offers one of the very best camp experiences and hunts that I have ever been on. I have hunted with Stockton Outfitters three times and come back each season because of their professionalism, the country, animal numbers and knowledge. My spring bear hunt in Southwestern Montana left me amazed at the total number of bears seen and the closeness of the encounters. I literally had one bear breathing down my neck. There truly is not a better hunting experience.
Pete Pi - Sturgis, SD , President Corbon Ammunition
Spring Black Bear Hunting
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