Archery Elk Hunting

There is a chill in the air as your eyes open to the still darkness of a high mountain Montana morning. A loud shrill blasts mere yards from your tent, followed by another and another. The hunt is on. A Stockton Outfitters’ archery hunt is just the ticket for an adrenaline addict.

The reveille of bugling Bulls signals the beginning of archery season. Our guides, all excellent callers, specialize in guiding archers to trophy bulls. No tree stands or blinds here. Run and gun is the name of the game for Stockton Hunters.

We take more than our share of “Pope and Young Record” Animals. Our elk are renowned for their superior genetics and the majesty of their racks. The biggest recorded bull taken from our camp scored a massive 419 gross.

A Stockton Bow Hunt is guaranteed to make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, as your guide will use an array of calls to bring your trophy screaming toward you. With Big Bulls whistling from 10 to 50 yards, your opportunity for success is uncommonly high. Over 80% of our hunters get a good shot at an elk.

Combination Elk Licenses (either sex) are available through the State of Montana. Both mule deer and black bear range the same areas as our elk so opportunity to take a second trophy is high as well.

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Trip Details and Information 

  • Location:

    Region 3
    HD 319

  • Trip Duration:

    6 days/6 nights

  • Departs from:

    Butte, MT

  • Accommodations:

    Wall Tent

  • Season:

    Sept. 8 – Oct. 11

  • Availability:

    Available 2019

  • Camps:

    Ten Mile Creek

  • Species:


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Client Testimonials

Thanks for the awesome hunting adventure. The time we spent on the mountain taught me to be a better hunter and gave me memories to last a lifetime. Bow Hunting for elk has always been a dream of mine and Stockton Outfitters exceeded my expectations. You showed true professionalism on the final day of the hunt, When you hunted as hard or harder as the previous days. My missed opportunities still run through my head; however, there will be more hunts in our future.
Sam Broyles, Dallas, TX
Tim has not stopped smiling yet. Everything was perfect and he is already planning another trip. Stockton’s staff was amazing and really made everything flow. Mark, you were wonderful in helping me book this trip for Tim’s 50th Birthday. You were extremely professional and your knowledge of the lands and animals were spot on. Personally I couldn’t believe he was done and home so early. We will forever sing your praises and he swears to do it again.
Tim Gardner (by Kim) - Grasonville, MD
I had a great hunt and really appreciate all the hard work that was put into it. You have a first class camp, the best wilderness camp I have ever been in. The food was excellent, and Chef Kole did a wonderful job. I really enjoyed to talking to Skippy, I would have enjoyed hunting with either of you. You both seemed very knowledgeable and you worked hard to insure I got an elk. Even if I hadn’t gotten an elk, I would have been happy with the whole experience, but it was nice to hunt with a guy who wanted me to get an elk as bad as I did!
Ricky Young - Cleveland, TN
We had over 14 encounters in 4 days of hunting with Stockton Outfitters, LLC. One of the biggest highlights of my career was when my guide and I stalked up on two bulls sparing at about 50 yards. I will hunt with Mark “Be the Elk” Shutey and Stockton Outfitters, any time, any place, and any where. Stockton Outfitters is truly a class above the rest.
Steve Gruber, Star of Limbsaver's Outdoor America (OLN)
My hunt with Stockton Outfitters this fall was excellent. The calling, the stalk through the woods, and my taking the difficult quartering toward shot comprise one of my best hunting memories. The Bull dropping in 10 yards was a nice bonus. Great Hunt!! Thanks Mark.
John Crawford - Fort Wayne, IN
This was the fifth tent camp I hunted elk from. Yours was the nicest I’ve been in. The lantern on the walk way, the carpet in the tents and the table and chair were a nice touch. But the icing on the cake was my Bull. Thanks for your honesty and a great experience.
Mark Bittrick - Janesville, WI
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