Archery Elk Hunting

There is a chill in the air as your eyes open to the still darkness of a high mountain Montana morning. Your guide throws a locator bugle into the waning blackness. A loud shrill responds, followed by another and another. The hunt is on.

A Montana archery elk hunt is just the ticket for an adrenaline addict. The reveille of bugling bulls signals the beginning of archery season. Stockton Outfitters’ guides, all excellent callers, specialize in guiding archers to trophy bulls. No tree stands or blinds here. Run and gun is the name of the game for Stockton Hunters.

Stockton Outfitters provides fully guided archery elk hunts from its end of the road base camp in the Pintler Mountains (7,300 ft. elevation). Camp is accessed by Jeep, but all hunting is done on foot directly from camp into the wilderness. Lodging is provided via fully furnished canvas tents and all meals are professionally prepared by our camp chef.

Bow hunts for elk are very physically demanding as days in the field start well before sunrise and conclude well after sunset. It is imperative that hunters are prepared for this challenge.

The Montana FWP has implemented a preference point system to aid non-residents in attaining licenses. It maxes at 2 preference points for nonresident hunters, but allows outfitted clients the ability to purchase a 3rd Outfitter Preference Point. This system allows future hunters to purchase one preference point ($100.00) each consecutive year prior to their selected hunt year and then another outfitter preference point upon application for license, hence assuring the applicant a maximum preference status (3 points). Hunters should plan a minimum of 1 1/2 years in advance.

Hunt Hard… All Day… Every Day…

Montana Archery Elk Hunts with Stockton Outfitters

A Stockton Bow Hunt is guarnateed to make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, as your guide will use an array of calls to bring your trophy elk screaming toward you. With big bulls whistling from 10 to 50 yards, your opportunity for success is uncommonly high. Over 80% of our archers get a good shot at an elk. On average our archers harvest respectable head bulls (250-300 inches), but our elk are renowned for their superior genetics.