Rifle Elk Hunting

It’s been a long grueling hike to get back into the timbered ridge where you spotted that trophy bull. You’ve seen the elk’s bed in the meadow and you know that’s where he laid up to chew his cud. About now, with the first bit of sunlight starting to stream through the trees, you know he’s made his way back into the heavy timber somewhere near a third the way from the top of the ridge. And you know he’ll have found a bump of some sort to bed down, watching his back trail. The ultimate game of chess has commenced in the dark timber on the bull’s home court.

Stockton Outfitters provides fully guided rifle elk hunts in South Western Montana. Our base camp is nestled in the heart of the elk’s wintering range, and let’s us get close to our quarry by 4 WD and two feet. Our Rifle hunts are conducted from the warmth and comfort of the lodge, as the heavy snows in the high country move the elk down to lower elevations. Our lodge-based hunts combine the mobility and the flexibility to hunt the entirety of our 187+ square mile permit area.

Combination Elk/Deer licenses are available through the State of Montana. Both mule deer and white tails range the same areas as our elk so opportunity to take a second trophy is high as well. Stockton Outfitters charges NO TROPHY FEES and allows hunters to submit for Elk-B (cow) and Deer-B (doe) licenses at no additional charge.

The Montana FWP has implemented a preference point system to aid non-residents in attaining licenses. It maxes at 2 preference points for nonresident hunters, but allows outfitted clients the ability to purchase a 3rd Outfitter Preference Point. This system allows future hunters to purchase one preference point ($100.00) each consecutive year prior to their selected hunt year and then another outfitter preference point upon application for license, hence assuring the applicant a maximum preference status (3 points). Hunters should plan a minimum of 1 1/2 years in advance.

Hunt Hard… All Day… Every Day…

Rifle Elk Hunting with Stockton Outfitters

Over the past 40+ years, Stockton Outfitters’ guides have led hunters to scores of record elk in the Big Hole Valley. Trophy quality and genetics in our area has remained consistent and our Rifle Elk Hunting Success Rate averages 30+%. Our herds maintain a 27% bull to cow ratio, which is among the highest in the Country, but make no mistake a true trophy elk is among the most deceptive and elusive big game species in the world. Both mental and physical preparation is a must.