Spring Bear Hunting

5 Days Bear Hunting + 5 Nights Lodging
Includes guide and meals

  • Two Hunters – One Guide: $3,750 per client.
  • One-on-One: $4,250 per client.

Week 1:  May 16-21


Archery Elk Hunting

6 Days Archery Elk Hunting + 6 Nights Lodging
includes guide and meals from Camp

  • Two Hunters – One Guide: $4,500 per client
  • One-on-One: $5,750 per client

Week 1:  September 5-11

Week 4:  October 2-8

Stockton Outfitters has an established waiting list for the 2020 Archery Elk Hunting Season. To be placed on this list please contact us directly at info@stocktonoutfitters.com


Rifle Elk, Deer combo Hunt

5 Days Hunting + 5 Nights Lodging
includes guide and meals from Lodge

  • Two Hunters – One Guide: $4,600 per client
  • One-on-One: $5,950 per client

Currently Booking for 2022

Stockton Outfitters has an established waiting list for the 2020, 2021 General Rifle Seasons. To be placed on this list or receive additional information, please contact us directly at info@stocktonoutfitters.com


Montana Licenses

Deadline is April 1

  • Elk, Deer, Upland game birds and Fish: $1,083.50
  • Elk: $921.50
  • Bear: $350

* Pricing controlled by State of Montana

For Montana Licenses information visit Montana FWP

Hunt Hard… All Day… Every Day…

I had a great hunt and really appreciate all the hard work that was put into it. You have a first class camp, the best wilderness camp I have ever been in. The food was excellent, and Chef Kole did a wonderful job. I really enjoyed to talking to Skippy, I would have enjoyed hunting with either of you. You both seemed very knowledgeable and you worked hard to insure I got an elk.

Ricky Young , Cleveland, TN

In my business I have the opportunity to hunt all around the world. In my opinion Stockton Outfitters, LLC offers one of the very best camp experiences and hunts that I have ever been on. I have hunted with Stockton Outfitters three times and come back each season because of their professionalism, the country, animal numbers and knowledge. My spring bear hunt in Southwestern Montana left me amazed at the total number of bears seen and the closeness of the encounters. I literally had one bear breathing down my neck. There truly is not a better hunting experience.

Pete Pi, President , Corbon Ammunition, Sturgis, SD

Tim has not stopped smiling yet. Everything was perfect and he is already planning another trip. Stockton’s staff was amazing and really made everything flow. Mark, you were wonderful in helping me book this trip for Tim’s 50th Birthday. You were exetremely professional and your knowledge of the lands and animals were spot on. Personally I couldn’t believe he was done and home so early. We will forever sing your praises and he swears to do it again.

Tim Gardner (by Kim), Grasonville, MD

It really took me a while to fully appreciate what a trophy I have. Being totally new to bear hunting I just couldn’t fathom what a monster he is, and that beautiful black fur is great. I was in the local Cabela’s here in KC and my bear is bigger than all, but one of the Grizzlies they have on display!! I fully intend to enter my bear in the SCI, B&C and Montana Record Books. My hunt with Stockton Outfitters was truly the success story of a lifetime. I’m hooked and will be back!!!

Jim Walter, Shawnee Mission, KS

Mark, thanks for an EXCELLENT hunting experience! You truly tested my abilities; and when it came down to it, you delivered…. I remember walking up the mountain with you thinking the terrain was too thick, and snow too squeaky-loud under our boots to get within reasonable range of my trophy for a shot, after we watched 3 cows walk off. I recall telling you this, and your response “you sell real estate, and I’ll get you your Elk.” It was only about 15 minutes later that you called in the 5×5 Bull I was after. What an awesome hunt, and experience!!! I doubt you will ever forget the excitement in my voice. Thanks for the memories!

Brandon Cropsey, Sturgis, MI