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Montana Guided Spring Bear Hunts

Spring Bear Hunting

You and your guide have checked the wind and made the voyage to an open meadow with deep green grass surrounded by thick timber. Your guide points out fresh scat and a large track in the mud along the trail and positions you behind some brush with instructions to keep an eye on a nearby spring. You sit silently watching as your guide let’s out a blood curdling scream which emulates a calf elk in distress. The call send shivers through your body as you look back. Your head turns again toward the spring and as if appearing from nowhere, a large cinnamon bear is heading straight in your direction. He is on the hunt with his jaws popping as you raise your rifle.

Stockton Outfitters provides fully guided spring black bear hunts in South Western Montana from our base camp. 4WD’s are used to access the country from camp, but all hunting is done on our two feet. This lodge based hunt combines the mobility and the flexibility to hunt the entirety of our 187+ square mile permit area. We offer archery, rifle, black powder and pistol bear hunting opportunities. The pelts are prime and so is the hunting.

Spring Bear hunting is a good time to relax and enjoy everything Montana’s high country has to offer. Don’t forget to bring along your camera.

Montana Spring Bear Licenses are sold over the counter.

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Spring Bear Hunting with Stockton Outfitters

Ranked by North American Hunter magazine as one of the world’s top 10 Black Bear Outfitters, a Stockton Outfitters’ Spring Bear Hunt is truly spine tingling. Our bear hunts are all free chase. No dogs or bait are used. We combine spot and stalk techniques with our world renowned calling system to attain extremely high success rates. The bear colors range from blond to cinnamon to deep black and most square 6+ feet as only mature bears are attracted to the calls.