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Stockton Outfitters’ team of professional guides is ranked nationally and renowned for their ability to aid hunters in attaining their dreams. Whether hunting bear, elk, or mule deer you can rest assured that your hunt or back country excursion is in the hands of true professionals whose sole purpose is to assist individuals in the pursuit of not just game, but what it takes in mind, body, and spirit to call yourselves true HUNTERS.

Mark Shutey
Mark Shutey MT Guide License 8921
Mark is the head guide and manager of Stockton Outfitters. He is a native to the area and has been guiding professionally for in excess of twenty years. Mark’s hunting style is extremely aggressive and …
Vaughn Esper
Vaughn Esper MT Outfitters License 6808
Vaughn has spent a lifetime guiding and outfitting hunters and fishermen throughout the world. A native of Oklahoma, he has owned and operated outfitting businesses in Canada and Montana …
Conner Brown
Conner Brown MT Guide License 21809
Conner is a native Montanan whose passion for all things outdoors has led him to an astounding professional guiding career. Conner is an experienced antelope, elk, deer, turkey…
Jeff Tart
Jeff TartMT Guide License 29820
Jeff is a backpack hunter that loves the high country and believes in hunting hard and smart. His pursuits have included various big game species, but bears remain his favorite. A hunt with Jeff combines …
Matt Rowe
Matt RoweMT Guide License 34848
Matt is a native of Western Montana and has guided professionally for over 10 years. As a guide, he has been featured in several national hunting shows. He is an accomplished archer and applies a vast range of …
Erik Scott
Erik ScottMT Guide License 44513
Erik Scott joined Stockton Outfitters team of professional guides in 2021. Erik is an avid outdoorsman whom has spent his lifetime fishing, hunting, hiking and horn hunting throughout the Pacific Northwest…
Bryce Carver
Bryce Carver MT Guide License 33825
Bryce is a native to South Western Montana and has been hunting the Big Hole Valley since he was old enough to carry a firearm. Bryce has been guiding professionally since he was 22 years . . .
John McClernan
John McClernanMT Guide License 49233 Houndsman
John is a Montana native whom grew up hunting the Rocky Mountain West.  He has a lifetime of knowledge regarding the pursuit of all big game species in the Western…
Kole Kankleborg
Kole KankleborgCamp Chef
Kole attended Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts Las Vegas and spent most of his adult life working up and down the Vegas strip in the finest of high-end restaurants. After returning…
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Hunt Montana with Professional Hunting Guides

Whether hunting spring bear, elk, or mule deer you can rest assured that your hunt or back country excursion is in the hands of the true professional Montana hunting guides.